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Provide onsite assisted stretching for any sporting event, wellness retreats, etc. It's also a fun activity to have at any special events.

A great activity to have at any event

Sporting & Special Events

Offer stretching breaks for your team throughout the day and for company events, or even provide an in-house Stretchr for large teams and offices to boost morale and work environment.

Treat your team to wellness perks

Offices & Workspaces

From individual stretch sessions from an on-site Stretchr or planned group "classes" for your weekly activities schedule, to even offering sessions as part of your membership plan.

Offer Stretchr services to your members

Gyms & Fitness Studios

Offer Stretchr Asissted Stretching as part of your wellness amenities, whether it is a Stretchr on stand-by, planned group "classes" in your facilities, or as an on-site activity for special events.

Provide onsite Stretchr services to your in-house guests

Hotels & Villa Groups

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