Assisted stretching is a new and exciting trend in the health and wellness industry. We've compiled a list of the most common questions we get from clients about our service.  

“Yes. Firstly our program was developed by top physiotherapists in Austria with 20+ years experience. All our Stretchrs have extensive background experience in Thai massage, and are then trained for stretching by our certified pilates and yoga instructor.”

“No, assisted stretching is a wellness activity for general wellbeing. It is not a medical treatment, however it can help to prevent medical issues by increasing mobility and releasing tension.”

“Everyone’s body is different, but in general you should feel looser right after a session. To see longterm and lasting results, you would need to be stretched regularly and consistently as part of your lifestyle routine.”

"No! Assisted stretching should not hurt. Depending on your flexibility, our Stretchrs will assess what tension is the best fit for your needs, and they will make sure the stretch is comfortable."

“In order to maintain the progress that you make, we recommend you to be stretched 2-3 times a week.”

“Yes we have a flagship studio in Umalas! We offer both in studio sessions and home service within the greater Canggu area (Legian up to Pererenan). Other service areas as well as more studios around Bali will be added soon.”

“You can choose to book at your office, or any space that allows for personal recreational activities. Or simply come in to our studio!"

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